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Certified Professional Organizer


Certified Professional Organizer (CPO)

NAPO Residential Organizing Certificate

NAPO Household Management Certificate

NAPO Life Transitions Certificate

NAPO Team Productivity Certificate

NAPO Workplace Productivity Certificate

ICD Level I and II Chronic Disorganization Specialist Certificates

ICD Level I and II ADHD Certificate

ICD Level I and II Hoarding Certificate

Aubrei grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is tri-lingual and has two Bachelor’s degrees, as well as a wealth of experience in many industries. She has lived in France, Ecuador, and Germany, and is finally settled in Athens, OH.  She has two children, an insanely compassionate husband, two spoiled cats and two enormously-loved geckos.

No matter where life took her, though, Aubrei always kept her finger on the field of Professional Organizing. Finally, back on U.S. soil, she launched herself as a Professional Organizer, founding Real World Organizing in December of 2011. She chose the name of her company because she was tired of living in a sea of unrealistic ‘after’ photos that set us all up for failure. Aubrei prioritizes functionality over aesthetic, working with her clients first on efficient living and then on tweaking their spaces to make them pretty. 

In 2019, Aubrei became a Certified Professional Organizer, joining a select group of Professional Organizers around the world who ensure that they are giving their clients their absolute best in terms of competence, professional standards and ethics. She maintains her certification through continuing education in the field of Organizing.

In 2021, Aubrei became a Foundations graduate from the Coach Approach Certified Coach Training Program. This training provided Aubrei with even more tools to provide custom and even longer-lasting results to her clients, particularly those with brain-based conditions. From this training, she discovered that she, herself, had ADHD and, thus, began to offer ADHD Coaching and Consulting services. Aubrei loves working with clients who are neurodivergent just like her, as learning about Aubrei's clients helps her learn about herself - or is it the other way around? :)

Aubrei offers both on-site and virtual services. She is enormously proud of the amount of return and referral business she receives and places great value on the close relationships she develops with her clients, where mutual Commitment, Chemistry, and Communication are essential.

Aubrei belongs to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) and holds leadership positions with both. She participates in local charities and non-profits. When not working, she enjoys reading, traveling, cheering her kids on and spending time with family.

Aubrei Krummert
Certified Professional Organizer
​Real World Organizing
Athens, OH

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