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 "You helped me to regain interior strength, by the work we did."  - S.M., Athens, Ohio

"The last thing I've wanted to admit is that I have way to much stuff to manage. Today, I had my first experience with a Professional Organizer and the session was worth every dollar! It was simple, painless and now my deep sighs are of joy instead of exhaustion. Thanks, Aubrei Krummert! You rock!!"     ​— Laura, Athens, Ohio

"Aubrei did a great job organizing in my kitchen!  Now when I open my cabinets I see cheery baskets with labels and everything is in its place!    It looks so nice that I am motivated and inspired to keep it that way.  Now when I open my cabinets I can find what I want and there are no items coming crashing out at me!  Thanks Aubrei for a job well done.  Now I need you for my 2 guest room closets!!" -  J.T., Pittsburgh, PA

"I highly recommend getting a consultation from Aubrei Krummert (Real World Organizing). It will save you so much money in the long run because she'll have some practical ideas about what to use now that you can also use later and she can also help you in planning the new place. I saved lots of money hiring her!"
​— A.W., Athens, OH

"Great! In the process of the organization, I bought a MUCH NEEDED new desk and it came with a HUGE filing cabinet. I am working on it slowly but surely and keeping up with the things around the house too. Thank you so much for your expertise!"  - J.J., Albany, Ohio

"Aubrei helped me accomplish a goal I wanted to get done for years! It wouldn't have been possible without her. She will motivate you like no one else! She's less of an organizer and more of a life coach!" - K.R., Nelsonville, OH

"The benefits of yesterday’s session continue for me. I described some of what I learned at the session to my husband. Today, as I was working on an organizing project he decided to work on his own project. At the end of an hour we both completed our tasks and we felt good about the results. As you stressed, starting with one area is the secret to actually getting started. See you in November!"     — B.P., Athens, Ohio

Aubrei Krummert
Certified Professional Organizer
​Real World Organizing
Athens, OH

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