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Whether it's Organizing, ADHD Coaching, Workshops or Presentations,

Aubrei's got you covered!


Professional Organizing
Specializing in Chronic Disorganization

Virtual or On-Site



Craft Rooms

Kids' Rooms

Mud Rooms

Home Offices



Life Transitions

Storage Unit Clean-Outs

Decluttering and Home Staging

Move-Ins and Getting Settled


Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding Assessments

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ADHD Coaching and Consulting
Goal-Setting and Accountability from Someone Who Gets It

On-Site or Virtual

Priority Flowcharts and Accountability

All Learning Styles

Processing Modality Assessments

One-on-One or Group Sessions

Executive Function Workshops

ADHD Book Clubs

Talks and Presentations

Specializing in Women with ADHD

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Talks and Workshops
Realistic, Practical
Tips and Tricks

Pick your own topic or

choose from the following:

New Year's Resolutions

The 5 D's of Getting Things Done

Organizing any SPACE

Downsizing When No One

Wants Your Stuff

Six Simple Steps to

Organizing Anything

Organizing For and With Kids

How to Keep Your Room Clean and Your Mom Quiet!

The Magic Triangle of

Kitchen Organizing

Organizing for Any Time of Year

Misery Work and

How to Get it Done

Aubrei's Favorite Organizing Tools

Aubrei Krummert
Certified Professional Organizer
​Real World Organizing
Athens, OH

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