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Professional Organizing
Virtual or On-Site


Virtual - 2-hour video sessions

On-Site - Minimum 2-hour sessions

Type of Session

Firefighting - What area is stressing you out the most

Room-By-Room - Which area will have the most impact?

Combination (most common) We choose where to start but leave the door open for emergencies.


ADHD Coaching

All Virtual - All 2-Hours*

Firefighting - What's stressing you out the most? We'll break it down and come up with realistic, practical solutions from the lens of ADHD. We'll determine how you can practice new skills in-between sessions.

Executive Functioning Series -  Based on Dr. Thomas Brown's work, this is an 8-session series where we focus on the 6 Executive Funcions impaired most with ADHD. Aubrei uses a strengths-based approach to identify where you excel and how to use your strengths to transform your weaknesses. After each session, you'll leave with practical exercises to form better habits.

Aubrei Krummert, CPO-CD
Certified Professional Organizer
​Real World Organizing
Athens, OH

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