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My Favorite Organizing, Coaching and Mental Health Resources

As a Certified Professional Organizer, I am always being asked for resources of any kind. As part of a certification I am currently working on, I compiled the following list of mental health, organizing and coaching resources for anyone looking to live more efficiently.

Organizer’s Resource Toolkit

Mental Health:

Coaching Resources:

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) - If you’re looking for a coach or are thinking about becoming one, this needs to be your first stop. ICF has a seemingly unlimited amount of information, resources and an annual conference.

Professional Organizers:

  • National Association of Productivity Organizers and Professionals (NAPO) - If you are anywhere in the world and need a Professional Organizer or are thinking about becoming one, this is your go-to. I have been a member of NAPO for 10 years and would not be where I am today without them! They have a Professional Organizer directory so you can find one in your area and TONS of educational resources, webinars and other information for anyone looking to live more efficiently.

  • Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) - This is another fabulous resource for anyone on the globe looking for a Professional Organizer or thinking of becoming one. I have been a member of ICD for 3 years and should have joined sooner! Much like NAPO, ICD has a directory for finding a Professional Organizer to match any need, but unlike NAPO, ICD Organizers lean more toward clients affected by Chronic Disorganization and those who live in hoarding homes. ICD has developed free fact sheets that can be useful for anyone suffering from Chronic Disorganization, along with the Clutter-Hoarding Scale® to determine the severity of a hoarding situation. If you or a loved one have reached a critical point, ICD is your go-to.

  • Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) - I have many close colleagues and friends who are members of POC and they're definitely pleased with their membership. If you're in Canada and you need an organizer or are looking to become one, check out POC.

  • Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) - Think POC in the UK. I actually attended one of APDO's virtual conferences a few years ago and loved it - one of these days, I'd love to go in person. They are an amazing resource for Professional Organizers to network and educate, along with those looking to live more efficiently with their stuff.

  • The Photo Managers - If you're overloaded with photos, digital or print, then this is your first stop. These people are just like Professional Organizers, but they specialize in photos - cool, huh?

So there you go - I could have filled this post with a gazillion more resources but had to stop somewhere. If you're looking for additional information, send me a message!

Happy Organizing, everyone! :)

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